Eph. 5:6-14

Today’s passage reminds us that we are God’s “children of light,” and as such, are told to “have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness.” Briefly summarizing the pitfalls of Gnosticism and Antinomianism, Pastor Trevor echoes the Apostle Paul’s warning not to think of Sin as any less dark now that we are Christians and the sting of sin has been removed from us. Rather, the light in us should make the darkness appear even darker, by contrast. But on an encouraging note, as the world becomes more tolerant of sin and selfishness, the opposite effect is also true: that the darkness of the world will make the light of Christ-in-us shine even brighter and further. Let us never underestimate as Christians, the growing (not diminishing) impact we can make on the people around us, if we will only choose to rebuke our own darkness, and fan into flame the light of Christ-in-us!